Generation, solar thermal

Information based on provisional data from January, 2023
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Solar thermal generation was 12.4 % lower than in 2021. This is the lowest generation figure recorded since 2012.

Evolution of solar thermal generation

Annual share of solar thermal generation in total generation

Andalusia and Extremadura are the autonomous communities with the highest solar thermal generation, together accounting for 83.4 % of this generation.

Solar thermal generation in 2022

Solar thermal power generation of each autonomous community as a proportion of the national solar thermal power generation

July was the month with the highest generation, although the value was much lower than in previous years. The monthly maximum is 19.5 % lower than in 2021, and 22.3 % lower than the maximum recorded in 2018. The seasonality of this technology is similar to that of photovoltaic, although its daily production is distributed more evenly throughout the day due to the capacity of these power stations to store part of the heat they obtain from the Sun and use it in later hours.

Solar thermal generation, monthly maximum values, and share of total generation

Average hourly profile of solar thermal as a proportion of total generation in 2022

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