Information based on provisional data from January, 2023
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Hydroelectric generation was 39.7 % lower than last year due to lower rainfall, reaching 17,863 GWh. This production accounted for 6.5 % of total national production, which is lower than last year's 11.4 %

Hydroelectric generation in Spain is highly variable, reaching more than 40,000 GWh in wet years while this volume is reduced by more than half in dry years. 2022 was a fairly dry year, with hydro production standing at 17,863 GWh, 39.7 % lower than in 2021. As a result, hydropower contributed 6.5 % of total national production, occupying the fifth place among generating technologies.

Evolution of hydropower generation

Among all renewable energy sources, hydropower was second only to wind power, with 15.3 % of the total renewable energy generated at the national level.

Annual share of hydropower generation in total generation

In terms of hydroelectric generation by autonomous communities, Castile and Leon, Galicia, Catalonia, and Aragon are the ones with the highest hydroelectric production in 2022.

Hydropower generation in 2022

Hydropower generation in each autonomous community as a proportion of national hydro power generation

Historically, the final months of winter and the early months of spring are the periods with the greatest water contribution, mainly due to thawing and also to the higher rainfall in those months.

In 2022, December was the month in which most hydroelectric generation was delivered, with just over 2,745 GWh (39.2 % lower than the maximum value in 2021). December was also the month with the highest contribution of this technology to overall production, with 12.4 % of total generation that month, followed by May with 8.7 %. This is the lowest contribution in recent years. February 2014 continues to hold the record maximum. In addition, there was a 27.8 % decrease in energy production compared to the previous year.

Monthly hydropower generation, peaks, and share of total generation

One of the main advantages of this technology over other renewable energies is its manageability, which is evident from the average daily curve of the share of hydropower in total generation, which shows how the greatest contribution of this technology coincides with the peaks of demand in the morning and in the afternoon and evening.

Average hourly profile of hydropower generation as a proportion of total generation in 2022

Hydropower generation by hydrographic zone

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