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2022 was once again a record year for wind power generation in Spain, with an all-time annual maximum of 61,176 GWh

The year 2022 was once again a record year for wind power generation in Spain, as it set a new historical annual maximum, this time reaching 61,176 GWh, which means an increase of 1.1 % over previous maximums achieved in 2021 and 11.4 % above the generation of the year 2020.

With regard to the Canary Islands electricity system, annual wind power generation also registered an all-time high of 1,369 GWh, which represents an increase of 3.8 % compared to 2021.

Evolution of wind power generation

In 2022, wind power was the second-largest source of national generation, with a 22.1 % share in the generation mix. Wind was the technology with the highest share in the national production structure for five months in 2022, namely in March (28.7 %), April (26.0 %), May (21.2 %), November (31.0 %), and December (25.1 %).

Annual share of wind power generation in total generation

In terms of wind power generation by autonomous communities, Castile and Leon continues to be the community that has produced the most electricity from wind power in 2022, with 13,793 GWh, which represents 22.5 % of all wind power generated in Spain. In addition, Castile and Leon was the Spanish region with the highest proportion of wind power generation in its energy mix, with 59.6 % of this region's production mix (49.1 % in 2021).

In 2022, Aragon was the second Spanish region in terms of wind power production with 10,200 GWh and also occupied the second position in terms of the highest proportion of wind power generation in its energy mix with 50.0 %.

Wind power generation in 2022

Wind power generation in each autonomous community as a proportion of national wind power generation

In the national electricity system, the highest monthly wind power generation in 2022 was achieved in the months of November and March, also registering the highest participation in the coverage of generation in November, with a weight of 31.0 % of national generation. In addition, in April, July, August, and September, monthly wind power generation reached the highest values for those months recorded to date since statistical series have been available.

On Monday, November 21, 2022, daily wind power production reached a new historical high of 52.8 % of the national generation structure.

In the peninsular electricity system, a new record of instantaneous wind power generation capacity was reached on Monday, November 21, at 18:37 hours, with a value of 20,330 MW. This new maximum represents an increase of 1.0 % with respect to the previous maximum of 20,130 MW, recorded on Wednesday, December 8, 2021, at 13:34 hours.

August 2022 saw the highest monthly wind production in the Canary Islands with 184 GWh, 10.4 % higher than the previous record achieved in August 2020. In addition, on Friday, July 29, wind power generation in the Canary Islands broke its historical record of daily production with a value of 9,523 MWh.

National wind power generation, monthly peaks, and share of total generation

The high variability of the wind means that the contribution of wind power generation to hourly coverage fluctuates considerably. Therefore, during the year there have been hours whose percentage of hourly coverage has been less than 1 %, with the minimum value occurring on March 3 between 13:00 and 14:00. However, national wind power production has also set new record highs, reaching the highest historical share in the production structure with a value of 59.2 % on Thursday, November 17, between 01:00 and 02:00.

Monotonic curve of wind power generation share of coverage

Representation of the share of wind power generation in the coverage for the year, divided into hourly periods and ordered from highest to lowest.

The windproduced index in 2022 reached a value of 0.99, a value very similar to the average of the last ten years. During this year, the highest indices were recorded in October and November, with values exceeding 1.1 in both cases.

Daily producible wind power compared to historical average producible wind power

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