Intraday market

Information based on provisional data as of January 2023
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In the intraday auction market, 30 TWh have been traded (including all transactions in which at least one Spanish agent participates in the transaction), which represents 17.6 % of all transactions on the day-ahead market.

The arithmetic average price of the intraday market in 2022 stood at 166.71 €/MWh, 0.5 % lower than the day-ahead market.

In the continuous intraday market, energy traded stood at 6.1 TWh, compared to 6.5 TWh the previous year. The weighted average price in Spain was 184.12 €/MWh, ranging from 90.30 €/MWh in December to 292.06 €/MWh in March.

Energy and arithmetic average prices in the intraday market by auctions

GWh - €/MWh

Source: OMIE.

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