Report 2022

The Spanish electricity system

Information based on provisional data from January, 2023
The Spanish electricity system

Demand for electricity in Spain

250,421 GWh



Compared to 2021

Transmission of electricity

Total length of line circuit in the national grid

45,101 Km


Installed transformer capacity nationwide



Electricity Generation

Electricity Generation in the national system

276,315 GWh



Compared to 2021

Electricity markets

Impact of the day-ahead and intraday market in the composition of the final price of energy

83.2 %


Final energy


Compared to 2021

Scheduled international electricity exchanges

Import balance 2022

19,841 GWh





European landscape

There has been a firm commitment in favour of renewable energies in Europe, with the aim of increasing energy independence and achieving the decarbonisation of the economy, leading to renewable generation representing 39.5% in the ENTSO-E member states as a whole

european landscape

Access to the electricity system 2022 report

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