Energy exchanges

Information based on provisional data as of January 2023
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Energy exchanges take on an importer direction

The energy exchanges of each country fluctuate each year, depending on factors such as exchange capacity, market coupling and the influence of prices. In 2022, the net balance of electricity exchanges between ENTSO-E countries and with neighbouring countries turned out to be an importer, with more than 10 TWh. The most exporting countries include Sweden, Germany, and Spain, with export balances of 33 TWh, 28 TWh, and 18 TWh, respectively. On the other hand, the most importing countries are Italy and France, with 43 TWh and 16 TWh, respectively.

Balance of energy exchanges among ENTSO-E member states and neighbouring non-member states


Source: data from ENTSO-E Transparency Platform dated 24/1/2023. These data are based on the criteria of Regulation (EU) No 543/2013, taking into consideration only certain borders, and therefore differ from the data used for the specific case of Spain at the national level, which consider all borders.

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